Chapter 2
Who Am I?
Re-evaluating my Mothering skills
I"m as sick as my secret
God grant me the serenity
Tough love or unconditional love?
Open letter to my family
Do I love my son the drug addict or do I hate him?
Broken heart poem
A letter to my son

Chapter 3
What I have learned
Allergy of the body, an obsession of the mind
The stigma of addiction
What I have learned about drug addicts & alcoholics
Signs of drug abuse and addiction
What I know to be true
Keep your opinion to yourself

Chapter 4
Addiction affects relationships
Sober siblings are entitled to their opinion
The toxic dance
Could you call the police on your loved one?
The three consequences of addiction
Why do substance abusers lie and manipulate?
The fake pleasure of addiction
Take me in your arms poem
The evil and corroding thread
Relapse happens

Chapter 5
Has your life become unmanageable and out of control?
Just maybe
Let go, let God
Letting go takes love

Chapter 6
Healing means revealing
My healing process
Emotional scale

Chapter 7
I recommend that you learn to:

       Peeling The Onion
                                     By Donna M.

Table of Contents

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